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Stacy Miller


Stacy is a mom of two boys, can eat her weight in watermelon, and founded good phyte foods in 2015. 

Erin Kath


Soup maven and fearless keto experimenter, Erin is good phyte's product development specialist.

Stacy Miller

founder and lead snaxperimenter

Stacy moved to Charlottesville in 2011, and fell in love with the profusion of small farms dedicated to renewing the land and nourishing people. 

Not long after, Stacy had her first son and was quickly frustrated and disenchanted with the available options for truly nutritious snacks. good phyte foods evolved with a double mission to support local vegetable sustainable farms while helping people eat cleaner to fuel their best selves.  

Stacy has a B.A. in English and Environmental Studies from Saint Mary's College of Maryland and a M.S. in Agricultural and Environmental Education from West Virginia University. She now teaches cycle and deep water exercise at ACAC, and is certified in Sports Nutrition.

Listen to Stacy's interview on the Edacious podcast to learn more about good phyte's evolution.

photo credit Sydney Suarez

photo credit Sydney Suarez

Erin Kath

product development specialist

Erin has taken a deep dive into exploring nourishment in recent years. It began humbly with her love of eating, creating, making, and gifting. The exploration grew deeper and wider, influenced by a personal health struggle and the realization that we are what we eat. She sees food & plants as medicine and strives to make nutrient dense, delicious, and nourishing food. Her approach includes as much as possible from the local and regenerative farming community as well as what’s in season.

In Charlottesville, this led her to be a part time farmhand at Free Union Grass Farm, so she could begin to understand how intensive rotational grazing benefits the animals, the land and the nutritional density of the meat as well as understanding where and how our food comes to us.  She has also taken the foundations in herbalism course at Sacred Plant Traditions, practices Thai Yoga Massage, and cooks all kinds of food experiments in between.

The previous five years, she worked with a beloved team of start up entrepreneurs as the office manager for Coronal Energy (formerly HelioSage) handling all manner of administrative, IT, HR and marketing tasks for the busy solar energy development team as it grew from 13 to 120.

Prior to office management, Erin worked in the equine and sport horse industries in both administrative and operations management roles. Roles informed by over a decade of managing, riding, training, and competing show jumping horses both in Europe and the United States.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.