awesome allium crackers

Looking for a new flavor to fill the void of mid-spring, when the previous fall’s stored butternut wanes and we don’t yet have local broccoli for croccolis, I started playing around with what is abundant and nutritionally so important this time of year– Alliums!  Spring’s rainy weather and temperature swings can make us all vulnerable to colds, and alliums like onions and garlic offer proven immune-boosting properties, helping inhibit inflammation. I won’t bore you with the details of why alliums are awesome here, but you can read more about the benefits of onions in a quick summary by Care2.

I use spring onions and green garlic (currently from Bellair Farm) in this recipe, roasting them lightly to enrich the flavors. I suspect I’ll probably continue to tweak the spices this season to find the perfect flavor combination, but here is the present ingredient list:

golden flax seeds*, millet*, sunflower seeds*, locally grown spring onions (Allium x proliferum), green garlic, water, dates*, unfiltered apple cider vinegar*, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, cumin*, black pepper*, turmeric*,  brown mustard*

           (*certified organic)