We can’t wait to get your fresh snacks to you while they are at their best, so we offer an online store tailored for Charlottesville locals willing to pick-up, saving money and time. When you check out with your cart, please leave any comments about your projected pick-up time, and be sure to include a phone number where we can reach you. While pick-up is normally available at our certified home baking facility (1007 6th Street SE, Charlottesville, VA), we are temporarily baking at an alternative location while this kitchen gets some upgrades (more countertops and cabinet storage). Through June and July 2017, we offer free delivery to any location in Charlottesville with a purchase of at least $25. Please email Stacy at goodphytefoods@gmail.com (or call 434-806-1019) if you prefer to pay with cash or check, or with any questions. Thank you!

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