committed to nutrient density


Surrounded by an overwhelming array of snack choices, it’s hard to make smart decisions, especially when so many foods hide dubious ingredients behind slick, feel-good marketing and opaque packaging. A very small number of large corporations are behind the seeming variety of processed foods that surround us at nearly every possible turn, even in the so-called “natural foods” aisles. Most snacks made with vegetables are either primarily corn or potato starch, or are fried in oils high in omega-6 fatty acids (that’s the not-so-good kind). Bars designed for “quick energy” use high glycemic liquid sweeteners to hold the mess together.  If you’re a parent, this is even more frustrating, as you feel the pressure of trying to compromise between convenience and the nutrition your children really need.  


good phyte foods envisions something different. We envision a generation of kids growing up eating better than we did as children (remember Toaster Strudels?). We understand that food comes from farms and from kitchens and not wrapped on a corporate factory line. We make everything from scratch with organic goodness– whole plant proteins and their naturally brain-healthy oils for more enduring energy, and phytonutrients from vegetables grown locally.

Clean eats made with love. Always grain-free.  No added sugars.  No nuts.  No preservatives.  All good.