Subscribing to a monthly share is the best way to stock your pantry with convenient snacks, whether you’re packing for work, school, daycare, or just need something to grab before you head out the door.

When you subscribe to our monthly snack service, you’ll get a bag of our freshest snacks ready for pick-up at our kitchen (1007 6th Street SE, Charlottesville). It’s a CSS- Community Supported Snacking! monthly-share

What does a monthly share look like? For $49/month (tax included), your share will include 4 bags of crackers (each about 66 grams, or two servings), 1 jumbo bag of beet mine valentine granola, and 4 bars. With your input (starting with the form below), your share will evolve toward your flavor preferences, and you can even sub products for others of similar value with a few days notice (pending availability). If you need more snacks before your pick-up day, simply order using our online store. Winter cracker flavors will include beet thins, butternut & sage crackers, and croccolis, and you will be the first to get free samples of new snaxperiments from our “Research & Development” Department.  Please use the form below to select your preferences, and we’ll follow up to confirm the payment and pick-up details. Thanks for your support!

Need to order in bulk for a party, class snack, or a big snacky family? Contact us for custom bulk orders.