Skeptical of diet dogma? So are we. The recipes you’ll find at good phyte foods are paleo-inspired, but we are not afraid of gluten-free whole grains used sparingly. The bottom line is diversity, healthy fats, protein, and phytonutrients, combined creatively as close to their natural state as possible. Nummy AND nutrient dense.

good phyte foods can be found some Saturdays at City Market, at The Juice Laundry, Random Row Brewing, Blue Ridge Country Store, Rebecca’s Natural Food, and ACAC Downtown.  is launching a seasonally inspired subscription service of wholesome, homemade, convenient snacks. My mission is to expose children (and grown-ups!) to a wide variety of flavors and local vegetables through delicious nut- and sugar-free snacks made from scratch with organic ingredients.

We make everything in small batches from the freshest locally grown vegetables and fruits, inspired by the seasons and based on your growing child’s nutritional needs– with the added benefit of tasting great for grown-ups, too.

good phyte foods uses no preservatives, no genetically engineered ingredients, no added sugar, no artificial flavors, no weird emulsifiers, and no artificial colors. Instead, we use only certified organic seeds, grains, spices, and dried fruits, and veggies and fresh herbs grown locally, by farms we trust, supporting organic farming practices as much as possible (learn more about all good phyte’s local growers here). Ingredient sources are all available upon request. As long as we can fit it on the label, every package of snacks you buy from good phyte foods will include a complete nutrition information panel. How’s that for transparency?

Want to learn more about custom organic snacks, bulk or wholesale order, and subscription options? Please sign up for our email list and stay up to date about what’s fresh and where you can buy.  Parents of ISC students can sign over their snack duty obligations using this snack duty superhero form.

Check out the gallery below for an idea of what kinds of snacks you might expect from good phyte foods, and check out our snacks page for the most up-to-date list and stories behind each snaxperiment.

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