the 2015 good phyte index

I managed to have some time in the passenger seat of a rented minivan on the way back from visiting my dad at Christmas, when my brother-in-law drove the leg between Aiken and Charlotte. To keep my hands occupied (and away from the remaining sunflower cacao cookies), I got out the ol’ digital abacus and reflected on the first year of business, where I had the opportunity to test, tweak, and get feedback on a lot of snaxperiments. I already shared our financial expense breakdown for the season, so let’s look a little deeper at what all our labors actually produced!

  • 7 months
  • 19,152 crackers sold
  • 732 omega bars sold
  • 12 kinds of local vegetables
  • 6 fresh local herbs
  • 7 local farms using organic practices
  • 22 very early Saturday mornings
  • approximately 400 hours of NPR programming heard on a kitchen radio
  • countless lessons learned, thanks to many intrepid and honest loyal customers, and Joell Eifert in the
    Department of Food Science & Technology at Virginia Tech, who helped me understand a little more about the science of crackers!

And by the way, I still ate those cookies in the van. All. By. Myself.